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SPPA - UK, ACCE Webinar Presentation

I was invited by Lighthouse Children's Home Charity to talk about my research to provide an architectural focus into Child Residential Homes, research which has helped influence Lighthouse's approach to creating their own new Children's Home.

Conference / Webinar - Social Pedagogy and Spatial Approaches in Germany and England: Concepts and Practice

This webinar explored social pedagogy concepts and practices from Germany and England. The emphasis was on spatial approaches and its links to social pedagogy. There was a Keynote lecture by Prof. Christian Spatscheck from the University of Bremen, followed by an interactive discussion in which experts from the field architects and participants had the opportunity to reflect about their own practice and explore the links and divergences of social pedagogy.

Pedagogy is the 'mutual negotiation with other subjects in society' - (Sandermann 2017)

You can watch the full webinar here -

The webinar was a fantastic collaboration of theoretical thinkers and those currently putting social pedagogy into practice. It also brought forward interesting discussions regarding the current COVID-19 quarantine we find ourselves in and reflecting on what that means for children in care.

What does it mean to be human, how has our public/private place-making changed and how will it look in the future? We are having to rethink what our lives look like and how we can still obtain a high quality of life - this is a struggle for adults who own their on houses, have full autonomy in their spaces and have a pretty good grip on their mental health, imagine the struggle for a child in a care environments, care leavers and the staff tasked with keeping them safe - can Social Pedagogy and spatial interventions help?

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