• Lucy Parkinson

Oh.. I don't like this

Since the dawn of time humans have never viewed each other as equal, instead we self created and enforced hierarchies of power to seize control of each other.

Our modern day freedom makes it easy to forget those marginalised communities we still repress to retain control over because dealing with the messy and known makes us uncomfortable and threatens our established way of life.

But as of 23rd March 2020 everyone in the UK was put in lockdown for their own safety, causing mainstream reflection on the home environment, freedom and mental wellbeing.

Current questions I’m pondering;

How can we use architectural intervention in the future to promote healthy living spaces that value ever human being especially for those who have no control in being in certain homes?

How do we need to change our public spaces to be safe in this new pandemic and how could these changes be an opportunity to make inclusive spaces for marginalised groups that we have previously excluded?

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