Feasibility Study

The feasibility study provides you with a full initial report that will be the foundation for your realising your project and ensure early key aim are met in the finished spaces. 

The study investigates and evaluates and finds the potential of your site, stakeholders and most importantly users. These studies often form part of grant applications in order to obtain the funds needed to realise full building construction or form the brief of a later Architectural competition.

It can combine the  'Existing Building - Opportunity Survey', Workshops and Concept Designs.


ACCE team have the insight and experience with running workshops for service users and providers. We understand the challenge of engaging marginalised groups but see this as a fabulous opportunity, that we've found creates wider results than just design feedback. The workshops are individually tailored to suit your group and are sensitively carried out with participant welfare and safe guarding as the main consideration.

Existing Building - Opportunity Survey

Do you already have a care facility but want to know how to get more from your spaces without extensive refurbishment work? - Here at ACCE team we offer an 'Existing Building Opportunity Survey' looking at simple tactical interventions to enhance your environments in the short term.

Concept Design

ACCE offers full Architectural concept designs up to the planning stage. This service is often used for funding, pre application and community consultations. We offer 2D and 3D sketch and photorealistic visualisations.


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