About Us

ACCE are specialist consultants here to help you in the early stages of designing your care environment.

We offer Feasibility Reports that can include; Existing Building - Opportunity Surveys, Concept Designs and Workshops. These Feasibility Reports are the perfect tool to enable funding applications and provide a meaningful foundation to facilitate the project through to the finished space.

We at ACCE believe in the value of architectural interventions and the impact they can have on mental health. Therefore we are passionate about delivering this service to those who deserve it most.

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Meet the Founder

Lucy is a qualified Architect who, above all else, has a passion for ensuring everyone has access to environments that have been designed to improve the user's mental and physical wellbeing. She has a strong belief that Architecture and Design is an area in care that is not being used to it's full potential, but it should be playing a more vital role alongside the services currently being provided to enhance them. 

Lucy started ACCE in 2018 following her Masters thesis research at The University of Sheffield. ACCE is a platform to grow and share this research and help client to implement it into existing and new care environments.


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